New Consultants Development

Clinicians as clinicians

We support assessment and training for trainees and advanced clinical education for healthcare professionals.

An often less visible part of the RCP's work involves supporting assessment and training for trainees, alongside curriculum work, appraisal and revalidation expertise, and advanced clinical education for experienced healthcare professionals.

We also support our work influencing policy in the following areas, where education is part of our overarching strategy:

More about exams and assessment

Curriculum and revalidation

RCP educationalists and learning technologists work with clinicians and are commissioned  to support the development and implementation of curricula and training pathways.

We have developed and are continuing to develop national curricula for Advanced Clinical Practitioners in medical specialties for the NHS Centre of Advanced Care. The first 2 are now published:

The RCP shapes thinking about the future of revalidation via AoMRC projects and committees. We are also working to improve the quality and effectiveness of appraisals, through committees and working groups and supported by our portfolio of learning opportunities; including workshops and online resources focused on appraisal, feedback and communication skills

We support SAS doctors working though the CESR process, working closely with the GMC with 3 types of workshop and question and answer sessions.

We can be commissioned to support curriculum design

RCP have a team of clinical and non clinical educators who have extensive experience in curriculum design so reach out for a call in the first instance, email


What is a credential?

The GMC (General Medical Council) has defined medical credentialing as: 

‘a process which provides formal accreditation of competencies (which include knowledge, skills and performance) in a defined area of practice, at a level that provides confidence that the individual is fit to practise in that area’.

Our credentials

We have worked with clinical teams and both NSSE and WT&E to develop curriculum and design and deliver several credential programmes over the past 4 years which are not only for doctors but other healthcare professionals.

We still offer an exam-based credential the Diploma in Geriatric Medicine (DGM) via our Assessment Unit.

What does the future hold?

We are continuing to work with funders and groups of clinicians who feel there is a need for a credential in a clinical area of practice. We are always willing to have a call and share our expertise, email

Clinical training

Most clinical education is delivered via specialty societies of the physicians' 34 specialties. There are some areas where clinical education spans all specialties and is of importance to all members of the RCP and can improve patients’ lives and fits alongside the RCP themes.

Our e-learning programmes are hosted on OnlineEd and contain the following clinical topics

Our popular RCP Medicine podcast also explores themes around clinical content and has had over half a million downloads since launching in 2019.