Improving care

Royal College of Physicians Quality Improvement (RCPQI) aims to bring together existing quality improvement work within the RCP, as well as developing new infrastructure and approaches, to support and promote a continuously improving healthcare system.

RCPQI works with other projects across the RCP to develop QI resources, tools and methodologies, and combine these with courses, coaching and networking to support clinicians and healthcare workers in their quality improvement work.

By acting as a repository for QI work, RCPQI aims to make quality improvement easily accessible to all doctors and support physicians in developing and providing safe, timely, evidence-based, efficient and patient-centred care to achieve the RCP's strategic aim of improving quality.

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Working with patients

The RCP uses shared patient experiences to help identify areas for improvement and to understand what patients and carers need from health services. 

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Accreditation is a supportive process of evaluating the quality of clinical services and promotes quality improvement through highlighting areas of best practice and areas for change, encouraging the continued development of the clinical service.

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Access all of our resources including guidelines, toolkits and reports in one place. 

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Doctors working together

Invited service reviews

Invited service reviews offer consultancy services to healthcare organisations that require independent and external advice.

Invited service reviews
Invited Service

Transforming care

Learn more about the work RCP is doing to lead, drive and deliver sustainable change in healthcare and discover our multidisciplinary resource, Medical Care – driving change.

Transforming care
Medical Care - Driving Change


Audits are an important part of service development and quality improvement, playing a key part in the RCP’s mission to improve health and care for all.

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