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Digital innovation presents opportunities to improve healthcare and support physicians in a sustainable way. 

To grasp these benefits both patients and clinicians must adapt to new approaches and different ways of working. The RCP digital health strategy 2022-2024 guides our work , as a system enabler for successful digital transformation in the NHS for this period, and potentially beyond. 

We are using Medical Care – driving change as a place to talk about digital healthcare, how to build it, use it and learn about it. If you have a story to share with us about digital transformation, please contact

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RCP digital health clinical lead

Anne leads on the RCP’s digital health strategy which guides and supports members and fellows to grasp the opportunities presented by digital health to improve patient care and outcomes.

Dr Anne Kinderlerer is a consultant rheumatologist, associate medical director (patient safety) and clinical director for discharge and integrated care at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

In her clinical leadership roles, Anne’s focus over much of the past decade has been on working with others to improve systems and processes so that they work for patients and make it easier for staff to do the right thing. Anne has a particular interest in how to build more usable systems that reduce burnout and increase safety.

Anne has trained extensively in improvement methodologies including completion of the Flow Coaching Academy Programme in 2017 which brings together people, data and patient stories to improve complex care pathways. She subsequently trained as a Flow Coaching Academy coach and was a clinical coach for the first Sepsis Big Room.

Anne K