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Fellowship of the RCP is an accolade held by some of the most inspirational and innovative physicians in the world, drawn from across the profession, and elected to fellowship by senior clinicians. It is a mark of your achievement and skill as a doctor that recognises your ongoing contribution to the profession.

The ability of the RCP to represent our profession in these extraordinary times is wholly dependent on the strength and diversity of our members and fellows. After a review from RCP Council, our election processes have been updated to keep pace with the values and diversity of modern medicine, increase inclusivity and become more transparent.

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Routes into fellowship

Fellowship isn’t just membership, it’s an accolade, and as such there are specific ways in which a candidate can become a fellow.

  • proposal – proposal by an existing fellow of the RCP. You can propose a candidate to become a fellow using our fellowship portal.
  • self-proposal – submit an application to become a fellow with the support of a sponsor.

The process for fellowship proposals is the same for UK consultants, SAS doctors and international physicians. Both proposals and self-proposals can be made via our fellowship portal.

Honorary fellows are not proposed via the fellowship portal. To propose someone for honorary fellowship, please email for the attention of the RCP registrar, or visit our honorary fellowship nominations page.

How to become an RCP fellow

Proposals, including self-nominations, are made via a 500-word (maximum) application using the fellowship proposal portal. Candidates are advised they have been proposed for fellowship at the start of the process and are encouraged to add supporting information.

Once submitted, proposals are endorsed by an impartial local source and graded anonymously using a scoring matrix to judge against:

  • scope of professional practice and
  • one chosen area of special interest/expertise from: service improvement innovation and leadership; training and education; research.

Following final review, led by the registrar and RCP Council, unsuccessful proposals will receive feedback and advice where possible on when and how to reapply in future. Successful candidates will be published on the Green List, as is tradition.

Submit a proposal
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Guidance for submitting a proposal for fellowship

Please read our general guidance on changes to the fellowship process.

If you are proposing a candidate for fellowship, please read the relevant guidance below:

If you would like to self-propose, please read the relevant guidance below:

For both proposal and self-proposal, whoever is initiating the application will need to provide supporting information on the candidate. We recommend reading our supporting information guidance to help you complete this section.

Deadlines and timelines for fellowship proposals

There is no deadline for submitting a fellowship proposal or self-proposal. There are three cycles throughout any given calendar year that indicate when a submitted proposal will be reviewed.

RCP members proposed for fellowship must be in good standing, as defined by the RCP, to be considered.