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The RCP publishes two high-quality peer-reviewed clinical journals, Clinical Medicine and Future Healthcare Journal.

Clinical Medicine (ClinMed)

ClinMed is a resource for physicians seeking high-quality, topical updates and authoritative reviews in general medicine and across the specialties.

Clinical Medicine

Clinical Medicine (ClinMed) aims to directly improve readers’ clinical practice by providing evidence-supported and relevant learning; this is achieved by publishing original research, guideline summaries and clinically focused reviews. The dedicated CME section focuses on the latest developments in a specialty, with self-assessment questions for readers to attain CPD accreditation.

Future Healthcare Journal (FHJ)

Future Healthcare Journal is the forum for authoritative, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary debate regarding the future delivery of healthcare.

Future Healthcare Journal

This unique, influential and challenging journal publishes evidence-based papers on a broad range of themes, from workforce planning and healthcare leadership to systems engineering and digital health.

Peer review for the RCP journals

Peer review helps to ensure that the article is of a high quality, contributes to the field of research and is accurately presented.

Peer review has an important function, as it ensures that only high-quality research is published and available as a body of scientific evidence.

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