Professional Certificates for Gender Identity Healthcare Professionals

RCP has been commissioned by NHS England to develop a range of professional certificates (credentials) for clinicians working in adult gender identity healthcare services.

Three RCP professional certificate awards will be available to meet the credentialing requirements for statutorily regulated healthcare professionals (HCPs) working with gender diverse adults in GICs, and potentially in other adult service settings, such as primary care:

  • Professional Certificate in Core Capabilities in Clinical Practice for Adult Gender Identity Healthcare (Certificate 1) – available now
  • Professional Certificate in Advanced Capabilities in Clinical Practice for Adult Gender Identity Healthcare (Certificate 2) – ready in 2024
  • Professional Certificate in Prescribing Capabilities in Clinical Practice for Adult Gender Identity Healthcare (Certificate 3) – ready in 2024.

Professional Certificate in Core Capabilities in Clinical Practice for Adult Gender Identity Healthcare (Certificate 1)

This certificate is designed for those working in the services for adults in the UK and may be of interest to any healthcare professionals wishing to improve their work with such individuals. The programme covers taking a history, providing basic information, describing the care process, how to facilitate and monitor an individual’s progress whilst working effectively with a multidisciplinary team (MDT), covering professional standards, good governance, and relevant legislation.

Learners will need a work based supervisor and a suitable site to gain evidence.

More information on GIH certificate 1

Professional Certificates 2 and 3

Certificates 2 and 3 will become available during 2024. A supporting document is available to download below. 

More information

Supported route for accreditation of experienced clinicians

The RCP has now developed a supported route for the accreditation of experienced clinicians (sometimes termed ‘grandparenting’) which is open for applications for Certificate 1. This is for registered healthcare professionals working within NHS provided gender identity services. Clinicians seeking accreditation based on their experience will need to submit an application endorsed by a referee who is working at a senior level within the field (eg clinic clead/head of service).

This grandparenting route for Certificate 1 will be open from February 2024 for 12 months. After which, entrants to the workforce providing gender identity healthcare for adults will be expected to complete the certificates in full.

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How do I apply for the certificates?

NHS England funded places for certificates
There are a number of funded places for those working in Specialist Adult Gender Services (see extra information pdfs above). If you are interested in a funded place you should approach your line manager in the clinic in the first instance, and if you need any help or further information please email

There will be a screening process to ensure an even spread across the GIH clinics in England. The places will then be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis after being assessed for eligibility from the application form data. 

Self-funded places for certificates 
If you are interested in a self-funded place (cost £2,000 for Certificate 1) you will need to demonstrate the following criteria can be met in your application to the programme:

  • you have the support of a suitably qualified work-based supervisor
  • you have access within your role to clinical cases in an approved centre.

See all the documents above for more information on the certificates available. You can also email us at for more information. You can pay course fees by card or we can issue an invoice to your employer following receipt of a Purchase Order (PO) number. 

How do I apply for the grandparenting route?

The application window for accreditation of experienced clinicians (grandparenting) route is now open and will close at 5pm on 12 February 2025. 

Please register for this route using the form below and we will contact you with an application form if you are eligible. There will be a number of application submission points up until the closing date and we will notify you of the next submission deadline when we send you the form.

There is a one-off fee of £400 for this route and certification. Please review the eligibility criteria and register using the form below. Following a screening process you will be asked to provide details of your experience and a referee endorsement. More information is available in the downloadable document in the supported route for accreditation of experienced clinicians section above. 

Apply via grandparenting route