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15 January 2024

RCP chief registrar alumni

What we do

The Chief Registrar Programme is one of the RCP's flagship work-based leadership programme for senior trainees. The programme supports senior doctors in training to develop their skills and confidence in leadership, management and quality improvement (QI). Chief registrars provide a valuable bridge between the junior doctor workforce, senior clinical leadership and trust management. They work across teams, leading and supporting local initiatives that make a tangible difference to engagement and morale, service improvement, and patient safety and experience.  

2022/23 yearbook

If you would like to see what previous chief registrars say about their year in the chief registrar role, please refer to the 2022/23 yearbook which presents a snapshot of some of the work the 2022/23 cohort of chief registrars have delivered within their organisations. It is impossible to showcase the full range of projects due to number and scope, but it is clear from the yearbook that chief registrars have made significant improvements to services, patient experience and staff morale. 


We have provided a selection of resources – including blog posts (linked below) and conference posters which are available to download – highlighting the achievements of former chief registrars.  

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If you're interested in becoming a chief registrar, email for more information.