06 December 2023

Applying to work with NRAP data

What data are publicly available?

Most NRAP audit data are routinely reported, and aggregated data from our reports are freely available at Find open data ( Search ‘NRAP’ for a list of all available data files including a summary of data items. For older data, you may find it useful to search for NACAP (National asthma and COPD audit programme). If you are unsure whether our publicly available data meet your needs or have difficulty navigating our data, please contact us at for assistance. If our publicly available data do not meet your needs, please see below for information on the data application process.

How to apply for data not publicly available

Several levels of data are not publicly available, including patient-level data and COVID-impacted data collected between March 2020 and March 2021, which will not be published. To access this data, you will need to follow an application process. To view what you should expect and need to do, depending on the complexity of your data request, please refer to our Guide to requesting NRAP data in the downloads section at the bottom of this page. Further information is available from HQIP on Health Data Access and designing your data project, and NHS Digital on Fundamentals of using routinely collected healthcare data in research.

Data application process in brief

  • Before formally applying for data, you should submit a NRAP Data Request Scoping Form which can be found at the bottom of this page. The NRAP team will review this to ensure your request meets certain criteria (see Guide to requesting NRAP data).
  • If your data request scoping form is approved, you will be asked to fill in a Data Access Request Form for review by NRAP’s Research Committee. The Committee will approve your request for submission to HQIP (NRAP’s funding body) or, in the event it is unsuccessful, provide feedback on their decision.
  • The NRAP team will inform the applicant of HQIP’s decision. HQIP may request clarifications or advise that further approvals are needed, in which case NRAP will advise applicants on the next steps.

Please note that there may be charges involved in processing your application and data release from the RCP, Crown database and HQIP. 

Supporting documents and resources

Please note that NRAP is currently applying for a CAG Research Section 251 and documents will be updated in due course.

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